September 14, 2011

recycling a wedding

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wow. i’m bad at blogging.. sooooooooo since the last post.. i got married! projects came to fruition and everything that went wrong was ignored and the day was perfect!

all images taken by Huey Bui Photography


but the reason i’m coming back to the blogging world, is for this very neat company:

This company recycles all the hard work and money that goes into a wedding.. decor, flowers, centerpieces, signs.. literally everything that at the end of the day, after the photographs have been taken of them, are very typically trashed or pushed into the arms of unsuspecting guests to take home. I sincerely wish I had known they existed before the wedding.

Per their website:

Since every request we receive is unique, we customize each rescue to fit in with a client’s particular event requirements. Although the steps we take will vary slightly from one program to the next, the overall process can be summarized as follows...

Step 1: We receive an inquiry for our rescue service via phone, e-mail or the “Rescue Form” that’s linked to our website. Next, we review the specs of your program and work up an estimate for our rescue fee.

Step 2: We’ll get in touch with the venue where the event is taking place to discuss the timing and details of the rescue process.

Step 3: Leading up to the date of the event, we’ll identify the organizations and facilities that will be receiving the items we’re rescuing…and then contact them to coordinate the delivery arrangements.

Step 4: Following the event, our “Rescue Squad” will pick up the items that are left over and deliver them to the recipients we lined up in Step 3.

Step 5: Items that are not being donated are either recycled or repurposed by artisans into other useful products.



May 24, 2011


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So as you all know from my previous post.. I’ve been watching the rsvps come in via our website like a hawk. and like the true nerd I am.. every now and then, I like to check out the stats and calculate the percentages. (hello my name is hbear [ hi hbear] and i am an accountant)

so here we stand 50% of our guests have rsvped! woohoo!! except that for some reason.. unknown to me.. its sitting at 50% and has not moved at all. so here i wait. at a standstill.. i’m going to have to draft a reminder email soon!

May 17, 2011


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this pair of shoes just begged for a post of its own.

i stumbled onto this pair of steve maddens over the weekend and while i didn’t buy them. i fully admit that i was extremely close to trading my wedding shoes for them.

can you see it? GLITTER SOLES. hello 4 inches of extremely subtle hotness and at least 10% cheaper than the very hot christian louboutins.. i just about died when i saw them.

i would be the proud owner of those heels, if it weren’t for the extended heel of the shoe. it went up the ankles, which proceeded to bulge out the material so you could see a crease of where the standard pump outline would/should be.

le sigh. i had a hard time leaving them in the store. especially cuz they happened to be 30% off when i tried them on, but the cons outweighed the pros and now i’m left hoping they will change up the back and leave the glitter soles on the next shoe.

May 16, 2011

2 months!

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we’re getting there!!

so a quick update on our invitations.. they’re out! and approximately 99% of them have made them to our guests! woohooooo.. and sadly when the mr took them to the post office.. they did not have the wedding roses in circulation yet.. so far only available online.. boo.

my sneaky guy decided to tell me that he didn’t know what to do, so he picked up the american flag.. forever stamps.. and he got extra for the thank you cards.. so we have a gazillion of them. * sad face *

of course that launched me into reasoning that it wasn’t his fault, but they have an alternative wedding stamp and i was SUPER disappointed. he kept me going and said, but they’re nice.. it’s a pretty flag.. and it’s just a stamp.. no one will care…here. i’ll send you a pic of them..

SNEAKY SNEAKY!! you can imagine my JOY at getting this picture. he successfully surprised me into turning my very disappointed self into a very very happy hbear. good man ❤

so currently, i’m eyeballing our mail and online rsvp count like a hawk. 😛 and then the real madness will begin!

OH and in honor of our  2 month mark! we got our engagement pic proofs! we were lazy and didn’t manage to get any pics taken until the end of april.. but here’s the sneak peek! special thanks and HUGE props go to my very awesome bm (who unfortunately being my bm cannot be my photographer): Hana Chung Photography

May 2, 2011


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i’m ridiculously excited.

so we’re getting ready to mail out our invitations (yay!) but that’s not the reason i’m so very excited.

(say what?!)

instead. i’m ridiculously happy about STAMPS. why? because I was also ridiculously annoyed that the US postal service hadn’t issued any “cute” wedding/love stamps since these:

yes, that says circa 2001.

so today, since we are just about there with the invitations, i decided to check out my options. i was NOT excited though, since i did a brief pass through back in December and did not see anything i liked…

but today. i’m ridiculously excited for this!

AND it’s a FOREVER stamp!! good job usps!!

April 8, 2011

on the move

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crunch time is coming! we are officially in the double digits.. 99 days to go!!!

things to think about…


getting the invites to the printers so we can mail them out!

booking hotel blocks, rehearsal dinner reservations, and honeymoon stuff!


i’m excited/mildly stressed and almost ready to throw in the planning towel (whether or not everything is done)

anyways.. happy friday everyone.. hope your taxes are in (note to self: add mine to the to do list)..

March 17, 2011

it’s finally time!!

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happy friday to me!! this is the weekend i’ve been waiting for… since early January!! and it’s finally here!!

why you ask? because like so many brides before me.. it’s time for my first fitting of THE dress! ahhhhhhhh

now unlike many brides.. my dress made it to my mom’s in January and i’ve not had the opportunity to visit home since it arrived..

now i cannot wait to try it on 🙂 yay for early fridays!

March 14, 2011

dolling up the hair

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oops so it’s been a while.. yay for being super busy… (enter heavy coat of sarcasm)

in any case, things are getting EXCITING!!! this past weekend was spent running wedding errands! wheeeee

but first pics of the hair trial! i went with an updo .. i didn’t get pictures of anything else.. apologies.

which brings us to the tentative diy project i’m going to play around with 🙂

i’m considering buying some type of hair accessory. the one in the pics above is from forever 21, but i’m obsessed over these etsy finds..


can you say something blue?

so i’ve gone and picked up a packet of feathers from joann’s 😀 wedding hair piece diy here I come!!




February 24, 2011

updo, updon’t?

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as you’ve probably noticed, i have lengths and lengths of hair. originally i just wanted to grow it out cuz i haven’t had long hair since high school.. in college i did a lot to it. lots of cutting, lots of dyeing and lots of diy cutting, which turned out isn’t such a great idea…

so now i have a lot of hair, damaged ends and some leftover colors. i’m planning on dyeing my hair one color very soon (something neutral/natural and work appropriate.. aka boring)

but aside from colors, here’s the big questions. hair up or hair down?



with so much hair on my head, is it better to show it off? or make an elaborate updo, cuz i can…?


February 21, 2011

video or no video

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that is the question.

i wasn’t planning in hiring a videographer.. but it’s come to my attention that a deal might be found via Bride’s Rally.. They are an LA based group that finds local deals for brides and also donate part of the proceeds to charity. it’s a great idea and it makes everything super affordable. however, the problem is that everytime they have an awesome deal it’s always something i hadn’t planned for because it was out of budget.

this week, they are offering videography from TK Productions.

seeing as how i have done virtually NO research on videography, i’m rather clueless when it comes to what to expect or even how much it’s going for.

first of all, the mister and i weren’t big on video, cuz i think neither or us can imagine watching our wedding video more than once. on the practical side, who will ever want to watch it with us? our guests will have seen it live and they will not be interested in reliving the wedding. maybe our kids will want to watch it when they find it, we might watch it on an anniversary sometime in the future? who knows. but to spend over $1000 for videography that wasn’t necessarily going to be seen just doesn’t really seem worth it.

on the other hand, every bride has told me that their day went by SO fast that they were so happy to have a video to watch after the fact. so part of me does want a nice video of my wedding day. after watching some sample videos from TK though, i’m not entirely convinced they are the people i would want to go with, regardless of the awesome deal.

a third option is the home video. technically a handheld camcorder or flipvideo. etc etc can shoot some decent home videos these days. the fancier ones in HD even. but the problem is that i want my guest to enjoy the day, celebrate with us and not be focused on getting “good” footage for me.

so here are two questions.. a) would a home video suffice? b) is it really priceless to have an expensive videographer? c) do i want to inconvenience a friend with the task of holding a video camera?

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