January 13, 2011

shoes shoes shoes

Posted in wedding at 12:43 pm by hbear46

curse you(!!) manolo blahnik and christian louboutin.

i desperately want to try/wear you. but your prices absolutely KILL me.

i think you’re beginning to see a theme. yes i could go for a cheaper brand of similar style, but they just aren’t the same. nor have i found a pair that is comparable in style or color. i’m looking for certain things too. peep toe, d’orsay pump. no more than 3 3/4 in heel cuz 4 in heels tire my feet very very quickly.

so yeah. as much as i love the louboutins.. i can’t wear them anyway.

which is why the manolo blahnik’s would work!!

le sigh. and the shoe search continues….



  1. Angela said,

    *sigh* those are all fabulous shoes… now I just need to win the lotto 😉

  2. Carol said,

    hello lover! 🙂

  3. […] awesome websites that i have recently become a HUGE fan of. thanks to my friend A who read my shoe post and introduced me to  ideeli.com. i have to say that it is AWESOME. while i didn’t find a […]

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