January 18, 2011

DIY Centerpieces

Posted in wedding at 1:00 am by hbear46

so my great idea to be cost-effective and creative at the same time was to have DIY centerpieces. I’ve been scouring weddingbee for ideas and to add to the creative juices that don’t come naturally to me.

first of all, a major deciding factor for this idea come from the fact that floral centerpieces are expensive. of course, being on some type of a budget, my great idea was to cut from the flowers. don’t get me wrong. i have nothing against floral arrangements. in fact, i kinda love flowers. stargazer lilies, spider mums, roses, i can just picture something exotically beautiful….

unfortunately to achieve something of the vision of flowers in my mind, well it would cost a pretty penny. i’d guess upwards of $50 per arrangement.  in addition, on the practical side, what would become of these beautiful arrangements? they would inevitably be raffled off, taken to guests’ homes and then thrown away after a week or so. or if they are the gaugy big centerpieces above, in all likelihood, the vase would be returned to the florist, or whoever it’s rented from (you don’t even get to keep it!) and the flowers thrown out with the water that night.

in addition, as beautiful as the very tall, majestic style of centerpieces are.. it does get difficult for guests to view the slideshow, or even the people sitting across from them at the very same table.

so to avoid that, i’m looking for low centerpieces like this:

this goes against everything i’m saying, but i LOVELOVELOVE this:

le sigh. ok so back to being practical. in my mind, candle centerpieces will be the most cost effective. AND it would seriously add to the ambiance of the room.. see!

and thanks to Mrs. Lemon’s diy post I’m officially inspired to go to Ikea asap. unfortunately my very busy work schedule is keeping me away from visiting ikea, michael’s, joann’s and whole plethora of additional crafty places.

so until time opens up and i can actually do something about this post. i’m telling you all my great finds of someone else’s ideas.



  1. Amanda said,

    ok so do you go, ideas, pictures. I am stuck too. My theme shooting stars. Wishing do come true.

    • hbear46 said,

      yup .. if its not too cheesy, maybe you can make use of the wired tinsel with the stars wrapped around candles?

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