January 19, 2011

continuing with cake toppers

Posted in wedding at 4:00 pm by hbear46

ok so we all know cake toppers can be cheeserific.. lately ppl have been moving away from the “standard” people, like these:

or if you want to be quasi-standard.. sorry i couldn’t help this one.. it’s cinderella! whoa.. at $150 a pop.. nothankyou!

to personalized ones, or bobble heads, or grooms being dragged by the bride… etc etc etc.. a vast number of people options.. there are even animal ones..

so in my search for something cute, doesn’t necessarily have to be personalized to the max.. i’ve drilled down to two extra broad categories. a set of people or a monogram.

now, what inspired me to post yesterday’s cute people (as promised) was none other than this diy post from weddingbee which so very conveniently provides an instructional word document.. complete with pictures!!

so what to do.. what to do.. a monogram is easy.. i’m not going to bling it out, so i can just quickly pick one up in pretty much any store (heck, over christmas i even thought about buying an “H” ornament and cutting off the little loop that let’s you hang it on the tree) suffice it to say, that was vetoed.

on the other hand.. i’m itching to do something creative and since i’m pretty limited in time, talent and overall plausibility…  this feels *potenially* easy!

also, i’d rather not spend the money for something i feel like i could do. come on!! how hard can it be to paint some wooden people?? (***Dear God, please don’t let me eat my words…***)


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