January 21, 2011

*PANIC* (at the disco)

Posted in wedding at 12:16 pm by hbear46

i was super excited to send out our Save the Dates (goooooo STDs!) exactly on the 6 months to go mark… so excited that i sent them out without any precautions against weird computer issues. (we’d decided that in order to save money in the postage area, we can send them out electronically to our friends and family)

i made two mistakes:

a) forgot to attach a pdf version just in case the embedded version didn’t show up

b) assumed everyone would figure out our new joint email

oh there’s a third mistake in there… there’s no picture of us on our std cuz we haven’t had time to do our engagement session yet, so no way to identify us!

so here i am, midweek wondering why i haven’t been getting emails back with everyone’s addresses and it turns out after talking to my awesome bridesmaid TM, she was never able to even SEE it on her computer! and on top of that an old childhood friend didn’t recognize our new email… *face palm*

suddenly everything is clear! no wonder people haven’t been responding.. to remedy this situation.. i’ve gone and sent a OOPS email, complete with an attachment and both our full names.. just in case!



  1. nate said,

    stop sending out stds.

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