January 24, 2011

the gazebo

Posted in wedding at 11:00 pm by hbear46

so last week i wondered briefly how one would decorate a gazebo. again in efforts to be cost-effective, i’m attempting to avoid floral decorations. (which, from my searching experience, is the most common way of decorating one) see?

now then. all kinds of ideas have been running through my brain.. (in addition to sarah’s super idea to use lights!), but per my wonderful FI’s suggestion i think using cloth would be awesome! it’s cheap, reusable and definitely something I can see myself using in the future to make something else.. like pillows or blankets, etc. but let’s not get carried away here.

originally i was picturing round, japanese paper lanterns in varying sizes, but then i got concerned, how will i hang these? will it look weird if it’s spread out? but then i came across some cool pictures with cloth.. some are in that massive search above actually…

so that is going to be starting point in this gazebo decorating-ness. plus i like that it doesn’t have any florals involved. so many of the cloth/organza/tulle ideas involve flowers at key mid-points. i’m picturing at least two different colors and the ties being a little higher, so it doesn’t obstruct any guests view , though i think it will be unlikely that any one other than the pastor will be inside the gazebo anyway.



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