January 25, 2011

name cards

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:54 pm by hbear46

or place cards..  whatever you like to call them 🙂

this is definitely DIY area for me. though to save myself the troubles of hand cramping from attempting calligraphy for almost 200 names, i am most definitely going to make use of staples and their supremely handy-dandy avery clear shipping labels.

let’s not get ahead of ourselves though. first things first, inspiration!

now, the standard name cards i’ve seen are the little tented ones. people can get very creative with these in terms of decorating them with fancy borders or adding flowers to a corner, or even gluing rhinestones (!!!) on them.

great ideas! but pretty common.. and then i stumbled into martha stewart.. oh my she is a creative woman

i LOVE these!!

so the instructional that comes with it here uses a big heart craft punch.. but since i’m more of a floral kinda gal, i want to find a giant flower punch! but for now that will have to wait.. it’s actually pretty difficult to find a huge flower punch, so i’ve settle for a 2″ circle punch from Michael’s (using their weekly 40% off one item coupon) to try this:

i was thinking just one layer and the name can go on one petal and the table number on another! ALSO.. to add to the madness, the flowers will be different colors depending on the meal ordered by my guests!

too much? i DO still have 5+ months to make these 😛


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