January 26, 2011

craft stores

Posted in wedding at 9:12 pm by hbear46

Craft stores are a DIY girl’s best friend. no joke. no only do they sell all the cool paper, cloth, embellishments, and tools.. they have weekly deals completely with  40 – 50% off coupons for a single item.

like i said in yesterday’s name card post, i’ve already made use of such a 40% off coupon at michael’s for a 2″ circle punch (by fiskars) *sidenote: it works beautifully! perfect circles every time ..

to add to the madness and to save me from searching for “rhinestones wholesale” in google, Joann’s is clever enough to sell these beauties!

that’s right it’s a 4 x 6 sheet of 792 self adhesive rhinestones! with a guest list of under 200, i can use at least 3 (maybe 4) per guest!! i’m so excited! granted it’s still cheaper to purchase in bulk, but this is bulk enough for me and super convenient! i can’t wait to bust out the next 40% coupon and buy them!

oh and joann’s is so much better than michael’s in this awesome aspect.. you don’t even have to print out a coupon! if you have a smartphone with their app (for sure, an iphone.. not so sure about the others), you can virtually “clip” their coupons and just show your phone when it comes time to pay!


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