February 5, 2011

bargain *online* shopping

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it’s been BUSY at work.. hence the disappearing act.. but it’s friday and i’m back!!

i haven’t been able to do much of any brainstorming, but i still am able to browse here and there.. so this brings me to share with you all some pretty dang awesome websites that i have recently become a HUGE fan of. thanks to my friend A who read my shoe post and introduced me to  ideeli.com. i have to say that it is AWESOME. while i didn’t find a pair of shoes through them (i ended up finding a sweet pair on endless.com.. affliate of amazon.com!.. but more on that later) i did find some potential earrings and a great dress!

now then, since wearing a white dress is a pretty rare occasion (and yes, i bought a cute white cocktail dress) i’ve come to the decision that i will be wearing and rewearing this dress to the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner and whatever other wedding related occasion i can get away with wearing it to! i’m super tempted to buy a different dress for each occasion, but honestly.. between you and me.. i’m more of a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal. and while i do love the all the pretty dresses.. once they come into my closet, it’s rare for them to see the light of day more than once. in addition, more dresses = more money spent.

some other sites i’d gladly recommend are ruelala.com and  beyondtherack.com.. a few things to note.. i’ve linked each of these websites to the invitation code they give me to hand out because they are all by invitation only. i know you don’t necessarily need an invite, but hey this way you can help me out 😉

each of these sites really just acts like an online sample sale for brand name items.. it’s not wedding specific, but really who says you have to buy things for a wedding from a store that has ‘bridal’ or ‘wedding’ in its name?!

so for a gratuitous picture… here’s the pretty dress i’m anxiously waiting for!


since it’s always a guessing game when you order clothes online, i was extremely careful about measuring the widest part of me and making sure that there would be  enough room  to be comfy, because quite honestly everything else can be taken in. here’s hoping it will be a perfect fit when it arrives!



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