February 7, 2011

all dolled up

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:15 pm by hbear46

and nowhere to go…

Story of my life every time I’ve done a makeup trial. Granted i’ve only done two so far, but still, the way my schedule looks my trials keep getting done in the afternoon or early evening! it’s ridiculous…

i can’t stress enough how important getting a makeup trial is.. regardless of how you like to do your own makeup, telling a makeup artist what you want vs seeing how they actually do makeup is vastly different.

piece of advice? do not do it in the evening as the sun is going down. while playing with makeup is definitely fun at any hour.. the practicality of doing a trial at night is pretty low.

in my opinion, a few essentials for a good makeup trial are:

the right foundation color.. SO essential! at my first trial we were pretty much using whatever was available and it was too pale, so i look pretty scary… the second one, we knew better and were able to get a more natural look going

good natural lighting. also super essential because it is so easy to put on too much blush in the dark.. among other things

vision of what kind of look you are going for. your makeup artist should already know how to do multiple looks (au natural, smoky eyes, more sultry type, etc) but in order to get the right look to match your style, you have to know what you are looking for, so that your makeup artist can do her thing

and for fun.. false lashes! they make a huge difference! i love that having false lashes automatically make you look girlier

so we forgot to take a “before” pic, so this one here is just after foundation has been applied. i still look tired though…which just confirms that under eye concealer is amazing!!


in person the liner looked much thicker to me, but in this side by side comparison.. it’s not as thick as i thought! which reminds me! pictures always make it look like you’re not wearing as much makeup as in person. i don’t know what it is.. maybe it’s the flash, or something.. but it’s actually not a bad idea to wear just a little more makeup than you normally do just for the pictures…


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