February 17, 2011

invitation options

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who knew there are so many choices when it comes to invitations?! paper weight, color, envelopes, envelope liners.. and the list goes on!

i’m super torn about all the invitation accessories.. the realist in me knows that honestly, very few people will actually keep and cherish my wedding invitations. in addition, they will also not notice all the extra details that actually require a good amount of work.. i’m 100% certain about this because a) the mister barely reads wedding invitations we’ve received, so of course he never notices the pretty envelope liner, or the embossing in the corner etc etc etc until i specifically point it out to him.. and b) while i love invitations and their details after the wedding is over, what can i do with this beautiful invitation? quite honestly it usually ends up sitting around, collecting dust on my desk or some other surface and ends up in the recycling before the couple that sent it has been married a year. unless of course it was the invitation from a close close friend, in which case, it will sit in a memory shoebox hidden in my closet.

my mother had a habit of collecting various invitations over the years.. she told me when i got engaged that she did it so i could get ideas of possible invitations.. which is fun, but now that i’ve picked my invitation design etc.. she has no reason to hold onto them anymore!

so what to do, what to do?

the creative, girly side of me wants to doll up my invitations to be uber cute and fun, but practical me says envelope liners = additional postage, extra effort and extra waste in the long run..

i’m afraid the practical/realist side of me is winning.. (clearly since this entire post does not have a rebuttal from girly/creative me…)

le sigh. goodbye cute envelope accessories.. (maybe i can make ONE fancy one for me and me alone)

ala paper source

** see how cute they look?!


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