February 21, 2011

video or no video

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:40 pm by hbear46

that is the question.

i wasn’t planning in hiring a videographer.. but it’s come to my attention that a deal might be found via Bride’s Rally.. They are an LA based group that finds local deals for brides and also donate part of the proceeds to charity. it’s a great idea and it makes everything super affordable. however, the problem is that everytime they have an awesome deal it’s always something i hadn’t planned for because it was out of budget.

this week, they are offering videography from TK Productions.

seeing as how i have done virtually NO research on videography, i’m rather clueless when it comes to what to expect or even how much it’s going for.

first of all, the mister and i weren’t big on video, cuz i think neither or us can imagine watching our wedding video more than once. on the practical side, who will ever want to watch it with us? our guests will have seen it live and they will not be interested in reliving the wedding. maybe our kids will want to watch it when they find it, we might watch it on an anniversary sometime in the future? who knows. but to spend over $1000 for videography that wasn’t necessarily going to be seen just doesn’t really seem worth it.

on the other hand, every bride has told me that their day went by SO fast that they were so happy to have a video to watch after the fact. so part of me does want a nice video of my wedding day. after watching some sample videos from TK though, i’m not entirely convinced they are the people i would want to go with, regardless of the awesome deal.

a third option is the home video. technically a handheld camcorder or flipvideo. etc etc can shoot some decent home videos these days. the fancier ones in HD even. but the problem is that i want my guest to enjoy the day, celebrate with us and not be focused on getting “good” footage for me.

so here are two questions.. a) would a home video suffice? b) is it really priceless to have an expensive videographer? c) do i want to inconvenience a friend with the task of holding a video camera?


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