May 16, 2011

2 months!

Posted in wedding at 4:47 pm by hbear46

we’re getting there!!

so a quick update on our invitations.. they’re out! and approximately 99% of them have made them to our guests! woohooooo.. and sadly when the mr took them to the post office.. they did not have the wedding roses in circulation yet.. so far only available online.. boo.

my sneaky guy decided to tell me that he didn’t know what to do, so he picked up the american flag.. forever stamps.. and he got extra for the thank you cards.. so we have a gazillion of them. * sad face *

of course that launched me into reasoning that it wasn’t his fault, but they have an alternative wedding stamp and i was SUPER disappointed. he kept me going and said, but they’re nice.. it’s a pretty flag.. and it’s just a stamp.. no one will care…here. i’ll send you a pic of them..

SNEAKY SNEAKY!! you can imagine my JOY at getting this picture. he successfully surprised me into turning my very disappointed self into a very very happy hbear. good man ❤

so currently, i’m eyeballing our mail and online rsvp count like a hawk. 😛 and then the real madness will begin!

OH and in honor of our  2 month mark! we got our engagement pic proofs! we were lazy and didn’t manage to get any pics taken until the end of april.. but here’s the sneak peek! special thanks and HUGE props go to my very awesome bm (who unfortunately being my bm cannot be my photographer): Hana Chung Photography


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