September 14, 2011

recycling a wedding

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wow. i’m bad at blogging.. sooooooooo since the last post.. i got married! projects came to fruition and everything that went wrong was ignored and the day was perfect!

all images taken by Huey Bui Photography


but the reason i’m coming back to the blogging world, is for this very neat company:

This company recycles all the hard work and money that goes into a wedding.. decor, flowers, centerpieces, signs.. literally everything that at the end of the day, after the photographs have been taken of them, are very typically trashed or pushed into the arms of unsuspecting guests to take home. I sincerely wish I had known they existed before the wedding.

Per their website:

Since every request we receive is unique, we customize each rescue to fit in with a client’s particular event requirements. Although the steps we take will vary slightly from one program to the next, the overall process can be summarized as follows...

Step 1: We receive an inquiry for our rescue service via phone, e-mail or the “Rescue Form” that’s linked to our website. Next, we review the specs of your program and work up an estimate for our rescue fee.

Step 2: We’ll get in touch with the venue where the event is taking place to discuss the timing and details of the rescue process.

Step 3: Leading up to the date of the event, we’ll identify the organizations and facilities that will be receiving the items we’re rescuing…and then contact them to coordinate the delivery arrangements.

Step 4: Following the event, our “Rescue Squad” will pick up the items that are left over and deliver them to the recipients we lined up in Step 3.

Step 5: Items that are not being donated are either recycled or repurposed by artisans into other useful products.



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