May 17, 2011


Posted in shoes at 2:50 pm by hbear46

this pair of shoes just begged for a post of its own.

i stumbled onto this pair of steve maddens over the weekend and while i didn’t buy them. i fully admit that i was extremely close to trading my wedding shoes for them.

can you see it? GLITTER SOLES. hello 4 inches of extremely subtle hotness and at least 10% cheaper than the very hot christian louboutins.. i just about died when i saw them.

i would be the proud owner of those heels, if it weren’t for the extended heel of the shoe. it went up the ankles, which proceeded to bulge out the material so you could see a crease of where the standard pump outline would/should be.

le sigh. i had a hard time leaving them in the store. especially cuz they happened to be 30% off when i tried them on, but the cons outweighed the pros and now i’m left hoping they will change up the back and leave the glitter soles on the next shoe.