February 14, 2011

happy valentine’s day!

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it’s the mister and my one year engagement anniversary! i can’t believe how far things have come since then! with that in mind.. i thought i’d share the story of how he proposed last year 🙂

he was living in so cal at the time and i was up north, in the bay area… he had planned to come visit me for vday since i was busy with my internship and couldn’t come down.. he arrived friday night and met up with me and some coworkers in palo alto.. we didn’t hang out for long cuz we had plans for saturday to check out Twin Peaks.. since neither of us had ever been even though I was from the area.

When Saturday morning rolled around, we hit the gym around 9:30 am, a normal thing for us. This was to lead me to believe that it was just a normal saturday.. nothing different happening. so we do our thing, work out and head home to shower before lunch, he posed the idea of checking out twin peaks before or after lunch, but insinuated that it would get crowded after, so “we” decided it would be best to check it out before.

As we get into his car to head to the twin peaks, i randomly decide to turn around to look at the back seat.. to find a single long stem red rose just chilling. i give him this surprised look and he acts disappointed that i spoiled the surprise rose for our vday dinner plans later that night.  i’m apologetic, but thrilled because this marks the second time in our entire relationship that he’s given me any type of flower.. the first being another red rose asking me to be his girl… this really shoulda clued me in for what was about to happen. except that he brushes it off and says he got it to support the students at his school selling the roses for vday, so really it wasn’t a big deal at all.

as we get to twin peaks, he points out all the big buses that are there and says, see! it’s a good thing we got here early to beat the rush of people… to which i agree.. he parks off to the side and we snap a few pictures with my camera and just check out the touristy area. After a while, he suggest we take a small hike up the closest hill and see the view of the city from there..

it was pretty sweet and i was enjoying myself up there! the mister, on the other hand, was scoping out the people up there with us.. he knew i wouldn’t like a big crowd of ppl watching, so he was glad that there was only one other guy up there taking pictures of his kid. so he calls my name to get my attention. i turn around and tells me he’s got something for me! i’m excited just cuz i think he got me present, so i hold out my hands and he places a stuffed totoro keychain in my palms. i’m so excited he’s remember my request from his december trip to Japan, i don’t even notice there’s THE ring clipped onto it, until  i turn it and see a sparkle. from there my jaw literally just drops and ask, “really?! are you serious?!!” haha.

he turns me around, so i can look at the view, and starts to sing,

“i’m gonna sing you a lullabye, please don’t cry, i want to spend the rest of my life, with you, forever… ”

from here neither of us can remember the words, but near the end of his lullabye, he asks “are you ready” gets down on his knee and pops the question.. to which i once again, gracefully respond “seriously?!!” heehee.. to which he stands up (cuz he knee was beginning to hurt) and says you didn’t answer my question!! to which i of course, instantly responded with YES YES!! of course!!

so this is a crazy semi-awkward picture of the both of us, but here we are, engaged!

after a bunch of laughing and jumping for joy, he tells me we have lunch plans with my parents and that we have to head back to make it back in time cuz my dad was in on his plans the whole time! BUT i still get to surprise my mom with the news 🙂 as we head back home, i begin a series of calls to tell my family and friends.. while he efficiently mass texts his friends and family.. haha