May 16, 2011

2 months!

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we’re getting there!!

so a quick update on our invitations.. they’re out! and approximately 99% of them have made them to our guests! woohooooo.. and sadly when the mr took them to the post office.. they did not have the wedding roses in circulation yet.. so far only available online.. boo.

my sneaky guy decided to tell me that he didn’t know what to do, so he picked up the american flag.. forever stamps.. and he got extra for the thank you cards.. so we have a gazillion of them. * sad face *

of course that launched me into reasoning that it wasn’t his fault, but they have an alternative wedding stamp and i was SUPER disappointed. he kept me going and said, but they’re nice.. it’s a pretty flag.. and it’s just a stamp.. no one will care…here. i’ll send you a pic of them..

SNEAKY SNEAKY!! you can imagine my JOY at getting this picture. he successfully surprised me into turning my very disappointed self into a very very happy hbear. good man ❤

so currently, i’m eyeballing our mail and online rsvp count like a hawk. 😛 and then the real madness will begin!

OH and in honor of our  2 month mark! we got our engagement pic proofs! we were lazy and didn’t manage to get any pics taken until the end of april.. but here’s the sneak peek! special thanks and HUGE props go to my very awesome bm (who unfortunately being my bm cannot be my photographer): Hana Chung Photography


May 2, 2011


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i’m ridiculously excited.

so we’re getting ready to mail out our invitations (yay!) but that’s not the reason i’m so very excited.

(say what?!)

instead. i’m ridiculously happy about STAMPS. why? because I was also ridiculously annoyed that the US postal service hadn’t issued any “cute” wedding/love stamps since these:

yes, that says circa 2001.

so today, since we are just about there with the invitations, i decided to check out my options. i was NOT excited though, since i did a brief pass through back in December and did not see anything i liked…

but today. i’m ridiculously excited for this!

AND it’s a FOREVER stamp!! good job usps!!

February 19, 2011

a parasol…

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i’ve been donated a blank white parasol!  what should i do with it??? i’m kinda excited cuz i’ve seen some super cute ‘thank you’ pictures:

i’m a little torn because it’s so super trendy right now.. and parasols were never really part of my vision, but the DIY possibilities are endless.. i don’t necessarily have to put “thank you” on it, there are so many other options.. “just married”, “i love you”.. etc etc etc..

i hope i can find a good use for it.. maybe a giant red heart…


January 26, 2011

craft stores

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Craft stores are a DIY girl’s best friend. no joke. no only do they sell all the cool paper, cloth, embellishments, and tools.. they have weekly deals completely with  40 – 50% off coupons for a single item.

like i said in yesterday’s name card post, i’ve already made use of such a 40% off coupon at michael’s for a 2″ circle punch (by fiskars) *sidenote: it works beautifully! perfect circles every time ..

to add to the madness and to save me from searching for “rhinestones wholesale” in google, Joann’s is clever enough to sell these beauties!

that’s right it’s a 4 x 6 sheet of 792 self adhesive rhinestones! with a guest list of under 200, i can use at least 3 (maybe 4) per guest!! i’m so excited! granted it’s still cheaper to purchase in bulk, but this is bulk enough for me and super convenient! i can’t wait to bust out the next 40% coupon and buy them!

oh and joann’s is so much better than michael’s in this awesome aspect.. you don’t even have to print out a coupon! if you have a smartphone with their app (for sure, an iphone.. not so sure about the others), you can virtually “clip” their coupons and just show your phone when it comes time to pay!

January 24, 2011

the gazebo

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so last week i wondered briefly how one would decorate a gazebo. again in efforts to be cost-effective, i’m attempting to avoid floral decorations. (which, from my searching experience, is the most common way of decorating one) see?

now then. all kinds of ideas have been running through my brain.. (in addition to sarah’s super idea to use lights!), but per my wonderful FI’s suggestion i think using cloth would be awesome! it’s cheap, reusable and definitely something I can see myself using in the future to make something else.. like pillows or blankets, etc. but let’s not get carried away here.

originally i was picturing round, japanese paper lanterns in varying sizes, but then i got concerned, how will i hang these? will it look weird if it’s spread out? but then i came across some cool pictures with cloth.. some are in that massive search above actually…

so that is going to be starting point in this gazebo decorating-ness. plus i like that it doesn’t have any florals involved. so many of the cloth/organza/tulle ideas involve flowers at key mid-points. i’m picturing at least two different colors and the ties being a little higher, so it doesn’t obstruct any guests view , though i think it will be unlikely that any one other than the pastor will be inside the gazebo anyway.


January 21, 2011

*PANIC* (at the disco)

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i was super excited to send out our Save the Dates (goooooo STDs!) exactly on the 6 months to go mark… so excited that i sent them out without any precautions against weird computer issues. (we’d decided that in order to save money in the postage area, we can send them out electronically to our friends and family)

i made two mistakes:

a) forgot to attach a pdf version just in case the embedded version didn’t show up

b) assumed everyone would figure out our new joint email

oh there’s a third mistake in there… there’s no picture of us on our std cuz we haven’t had time to do our engagement session yet, so no way to identify us!

so here i am, midweek wondering why i haven’t been getting emails back with everyone’s addresses and it turns out after talking to my awesome bridesmaid TM, she was never able to even SEE it on her computer! and on top of that an old childhood friend didn’t recognize our new email… *face palm*

suddenly everything is clear! no wonder people haven’t been responding.. to remedy this situation.. i’ve gone and sent a OOPS email, complete with an attachment and both our full names.. just in case!

January 19, 2011

continuing with cake toppers

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ok so we all know cake toppers can be cheeserific.. lately ppl have been moving away from the “standard” people, like these:

or if you want to be quasi-standard.. sorry i couldn’t help this one.. it’s cinderella! whoa.. at $150 a pop.. nothankyou!

to personalized ones, or bobble heads, or grooms being dragged by the bride… etc etc etc.. a vast number of people options.. there are even animal ones..

so in my search for something cute, doesn’t necessarily have to be personalized to the max.. i’ve drilled down to two extra broad categories. a set of people or a monogram.

now, what inspired me to post yesterday’s cute people (as promised) was none other than this diy post from weddingbee which so very conveniently provides an instructional word document.. complete with pictures!!

so what to do.. what to do.. a monogram is easy.. i’m not going to bling it out, so i can just quickly pick one up in pretty much any store (heck, over christmas i even thought about buying an “H” ornament and cutting off the little loop that let’s you hang it on the tree) suffice it to say, that was vetoed.

on the other hand.. i’m itching to do something creative and since i’m pretty limited in time, talent and overall plausibility…  this feels *potenially* easy!

also, i’d rather not spend the money for something i feel like i could do. come on!! how hard can it be to paint some wooden people?? (***Dear God, please don’t let me eat my words…***)

January 18, 2011

cake toppers

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hello cute wooden people

isn’t this cute?! yet another diy possibility.. more on this subject later..

i know i know.. double post in one day?!! what is the world coming to.

DIY Centerpieces

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so my great idea to be cost-effective and creative at the same time was to have DIY centerpieces. I’ve been scouring weddingbee for ideas and to add to the creative juices that don’t come naturally to me.

first of all, a major deciding factor for this idea come from the fact that floral centerpieces are expensive. of course, being on some type of a budget, my great idea was to cut from the flowers. don’t get me wrong. i have nothing against floral arrangements. in fact, i kinda love flowers. stargazer lilies, spider mums, roses, i can just picture something exotically beautiful….

unfortunately to achieve something of the vision of flowers in my mind, well it would cost a pretty penny. i’d guess upwards of $50 per arrangement.  in addition, on the practical side, what would become of these beautiful arrangements? they would inevitably be raffled off, taken to guests’ homes and then thrown away after a week or so. or if they are the gaugy big centerpieces above, in all likelihood, the vase would be returned to the florist, or whoever it’s rented from (you don’t even get to keep it!) and the flowers thrown out with the water that night.

in addition, as beautiful as the very tall, majestic style of centerpieces are.. it does get difficult for guests to view the slideshow, or even the people sitting across from them at the very same table.

so to avoid that, i’m looking for low centerpieces like this:

this goes against everything i’m saying, but i LOVELOVELOVE this:

le sigh. ok so back to being practical. in my mind, candle centerpieces will be the most cost effective. AND it would seriously add to the ambiance of the room.. see!

and thanks to Mrs. Lemon’s diy post I’m officially inspired to go to Ikea asap. unfortunately my very busy work schedule is keeping me away from visiting ikea, michael’s, joann’s and whole plethora of additional crafty places.

so until time opens up and i can actually do something about this post. i’m telling you all my great finds of someone else’s ideas.

January 15, 2011

small things

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so now that all the big things have been taken care of… i’m continually thinking of the small things. like centerpieces, the sign-in table, and other misc decorations.

here are some things i must not forget…

reception candle centerpieces – requires a couple of lighters

sign-in table – requires a cardbox, tiny pre-numbered stickers for thank yous, pens to sign the guestbook, a guestbook, table decorations?

ceremony decorations – how do you decorate a gazebo without flowers??

what else am i missing?? i don’t even know..

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