February 19, 2011

a parasol…

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i’ve been donated a blank white parasol!  what should i do with it??? i’m kinda excited cuz i’ve seen some super cute ‘thank you’ pictures:

i’m a little torn because it’s so super trendy right now.. and parasols were never really part of my vision, but the DIY possibilities are endless.. i don’t necessarily have to put “thank you” on it, there are so many other options.. “just married”, “i love you”.. etc etc etc..

i hope i can find a good use for it.. maybe a giant red heart…



February 17, 2011

invitation options

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who knew there are so many choices when it comes to invitations?! paper weight, color, envelopes, envelope liners.. and the list goes on!

i’m super torn about all the invitation accessories.. the realist in me knows that honestly, very few people will actually keep and cherish my wedding invitations. in addition, they will also not notice all the extra details that actually require a good amount of work.. i’m 100% certain about this because a) the mister barely reads wedding invitations we’ve received, so of course he never notices the pretty envelope liner, or the embossing in the corner etc etc etc until i specifically point it out to him.. and b) while i love invitations and their details after the wedding is over, what can i do with this beautiful invitation? quite honestly it usually ends up sitting around, collecting dust on my desk or some other surface and ends up in the recycling before the couple that sent it has been married a year. unless of course it was the invitation from a close close friend, in which case, it will sit in a memory shoebox hidden in my closet.

my mother had a habit of collecting various invitations over the years.. she told me when i got engaged that she did it so i could get ideas of possible invitations.. which is fun, but now that i’ve picked my invitation design etc.. she has no reason to hold onto them anymore!

so what to do, what to do?

the creative, girly side of me wants to doll up my invitations to be uber cute and fun, but practical me says envelope liners = additional postage, extra effort and extra waste in the long run..

i’m afraid the practical/realist side of me is winning.. (clearly since this entire post does not have a rebuttal from girly/creative me…)

le sigh. goodbye cute envelope accessories.. (maybe i can make ONE fancy one for me and me alone)

ala paper source

** see how cute they look?!

February 14, 2011

happy valentine’s day!

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it’s the mister and my one year engagement anniversary! i can’t believe how far things have come since then! with that in mind.. i thought i’d share the story of how he proposed last year 🙂

he was living in so cal at the time and i was up north, in the bay area… he had planned to come visit me for vday since i was busy with my internship and couldn’t come down.. he arrived friday night and met up with me and some coworkers in palo alto.. we didn’t hang out for long cuz we had plans for saturday to check out Twin Peaks.. since neither of us had ever been even though I was from the area.

When Saturday morning rolled around, we hit the gym around 9:30 am, a normal thing for us. This was to lead me to believe that it was just a normal saturday.. nothing different happening. so we do our thing, work out and head home to shower before lunch, he posed the idea of checking out twin peaks before or after lunch, but insinuated that it would get crowded after, so “we” decided it would be best to check it out before.

As we get into his car to head to the twin peaks, i randomly decide to turn around to look at the back seat.. to find a single long stem red rose just chilling. i give him this surprised look and he acts disappointed that i spoiled the surprise rose for our vday dinner plans later that night.  i’m apologetic, but thrilled because this marks the second time in our entire relationship that he’s given me any type of flower.. the first being another red rose asking me to be his girl… this really shoulda clued me in for what was about to happen. except that he brushes it off and says he got it to support the students at his school selling the roses for vday, so really it wasn’t a big deal at all.

as we get to twin peaks, he points out all the big buses that are there and says, see! it’s a good thing we got here early to beat the rush of people… to which i agree.. he parks off to the side and we snap a few pictures with my camera and just check out the touristy area. After a while, he suggest we take a small hike up the closest hill and see the view of the city from there..

it was pretty sweet and i was enjoying myself up there! the mister, on the other hand, was scoping out the people up there with us.. he knew i wouldn’t like a big crowd of ppl watching, so he was glad that there was only one other guy up there taking pictures of his kid. so he calls my name to get my attention. i turn around and tells me he’s got something for me! i’m excited just cuz i think he got me present, so i hold out my hands and he places a stuffed totoro keychain in my palms. i’m so excited he’s remember my request from his december trip to Japan, i don’t even notice there’s THE ring clipped onto it, until  i turn it and see a sparkle. from there my jaw literally just drops and ask, “really?! are you serious?!!” haha.

he turns me around, so i can look at the view, and starts to sing,

“i’m gonna sing you a lullabye, please don’t cry, i want to spend the rest of my life, with you, forever… ”

from here neither of us can remember the words, but near the end of his lullabye, he asks “are you ready” gets down on his knee and pops the question.. to which i once again, gracefully respond “seriously?!!” heehee.. to which he stands up (cuz he knee was beginning to hurt) and says you didn’t answer my question!! to which i of course, instantly responded with YES YES!! of course!!

so this is a crazy semi-awkward picture of the both of us, but here we are, engaged!

after a bunch of laughing and jumping for joy, he tells me we have lunch plans with my parents and that we have to head back to make it back in time cuz my dad was in on his plans the whole time! BUT i still get to surprise my mom with the news 🙂 as we head back home, i begin a series of calls to tell my family and friends.. while he efficiently mass texts his friends and family.. haha

February 7, 2011

all dolled up

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and nowhere to go…

Story of my life every time I’ve done a makeup trial. Granted i’ve only done two so far, but still, the way my schedule looks my trials keep getting done in the afternoon or early evening! it’s ridiculous…

i can’t stress enough how important getting a makeup trial is.. regardless of how you like to do your own makeup, telling a makeup artist what you want vs seeing how they actually do makeup is vastly different.

piece of advice? do not do it in the evening as the sun is going down. while playing with makeup is definitely fun at any hour.. the practicality of doing a trial at night is pretty low.

in my opinion, a few essentials for a good makeup trial are:

the right foundation color.. SO essential! at my first trial we were pretty much using whatever was available and it was too pale, so i look pretty scary… the second one, we knew better and were able to get a more natural look going

good natural lighting. also super essential because it is so easy to put on too much blush in the dark.. among other things

vision of what kind of look you are going for. your makeup artist should already know how to do multiple looks (au natural, smoky eyes, more sultry type, etc) but in order to get the right look to match your style, you have to know what you are looking for, so that your makeup artist can do her thing

and for fun.. false lashes! they make a huge difference! i love that having false lashes automatically make you look girlier

so we forgot to take a “before” pic, so this one here is just after foundation has been applied. i still look tired though…which just confirms that under eye concealer is amazing!!


in person the liner looked much thicker to me, but in this side by side comparison.. it’s not as thick as i thought! which reminds me! pictures always make it look like you’re not wearing as much makeup as in person. i don’t know what it is.. maybe it’s the flash, or something.. but it’s actually not a bad idea to wear just a little more makeup than you normally do just for the pictures…

February 5, 2011

bargain *online* shopping

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it’s been BUSY at work.. hence the disappearing act.. but it’s friday and i’m back!!

i haven’t been able to do much of any brainstorming, but i still am able to browse here and there.. so this brings me to share with you all some pretty dang awesome websites that i have recently become a HUGE fan of. thanks to my friend A who read my shoe post and introduced me to  ideeli.com. i have to say that it is AWESOME. while i didn’t find a pair of shoes through them (i ended up finding a sweet pair on endless.com.. affliate of amazon.com!.. but more on that later) i did find some potential earrings and a great dress!

now then, since wearing a white dress is a pretty rare occasion (and yes, i bought a cute white cocktail dress) i’ve come to the decision that i will be wearing and rewearing this dress to the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner and whatever other wedding related occasion i can get away with wearing it to! i’m super tempted to buy a different dress for each occasion, but honestly.. between you and me.. i’m more of a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal. and while i do love the all the pretty dresses.. once they come into my closet, it’s rare for them to see the light of day more than once. in addition, more dresses = more money spent.

some other sites i’d gladly recommend are ruelala.com and  beyondtherack.com.. a few things to note.. i’ve linked each of these websites to the invitation code they give me to hand out because they are all by invitation only. i know you don’t necessarily need an invite, but hey this way you can help me out 😉

each of these sites really just acts like an online sample sale for brand name items.. it’s not wedding specific, but really who says you have to buy things for a wedding from a store that has ‘bridal’ or ‘wedding’ in its name?!

so for a gratuitous picture… here’s the pretty dress i’m anxiously waiting for!


since it’s always a guessing game when you order clothes online, i was extremely careful about measuring the widest part of me and making sure that there would be  enough room  to be comfy, because quite honestly everything else can be taken in. here’s hoping it will be a perfect fit when it arrives!


January 26, 2011

craft stores

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Craft stores are a DIY girl’s best friend. no joke. no only do they sell all the cool paper, cloth, embellishments, and tools.. they have weekly deals completely with  40 – 50% off coupons for a single item.

like i said in yesterday’s name card post, i’ve already made use of such a 40% off coupon at michael’s for a 2″ circle punch (by fiskars) *sidenote: it works beautifully! perfect circles every time ..

to add to the madness and to save me from searching for “rhinestones wholesale” in google, Joann’s is clever enough to sell these beauties!

that’s right it’s a 4 x 6 sheet of 792 self adhesive rhinestones! with a guest list of under 200, i can use at least 3 (maybe 4) per guest!! i’m so excited! granted it’s still cheaper to purchase in bulk, but this is bulk enough for me and super convenient! i can’t wait to bust out the next 40% coupon and buy them!

oh and joann’s is so much better than michael’s in this awesome aspect.. you don’t even have to print out a coupon! if you have a smartphone with their app (for sure, an iphone.. not so sure about the others), you can virtually “clip” their coupons and just show your phone when it comes time to pay!

January 25, 2011

name cards

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or place cards..  whatever you like to call them 🙂

this is definitely DIY area for me. though to save myself the troubles of hand cramping from attempting calligraphy for almost 200 names, i am most definitely going to make use of staples and their supremely handy-dandy avery clear shipping labels.

let’s not get ahead of ourselves though. first things first, inspiration!

now, the standard name cards i’ve seen are the little tented ones. people can get very creative with these in terms of decorating them with fancy borders or adding flowers to a corner, or even gluing rhinestones (!!!) on them.

great ideas! but pretty common.. and then i stumbled into martha stewart.. oh my she is a creative woman

i LOVE these!!

so the instructional that comes with it here uses a big heart craft punch.. but since i’m more of a floral kinda gal, i want to find a giant flower punch! but for now that will have to wait.. it’s actually pretty difficult to find a huge flower punch, so i’ve settle for a 2″ circle punch from Michael’s (using their weekly 40% off one item coupon) to try this:

i was thinking just one layer and the name can go on one petal and the table number on another! ALSO.. to add to the madness, the flowers will be different colors depending on the meal ordered by my guests!

too much? i DO still have 5+ months to make these 😛

January 24, 2011

the gazebo

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so last week i wondered briefly how one would decorate a gazebo. again in efforts to be cost-effective, i’m attempting to avoid floral decorations. (which, from my searching experience, is the most common way of decorating one) see?

now then. all kinds of ideas have been running through my brain.. (in addition to sarah’s super idea to use lights!), but per my wonderful FI’s suggestion i think using cloth would be awesome! it’s cheap, reusable and definitely something I can see myself using in the future to make something else.. like pillows or blankets, etc. but let’s not get carried away here.

originally i was picturing round, japanese paper lanterns in varying sizes, but then i got concerned, how will i hang these? will it look weird if it’s spread out? but then i came across some cool pictures with cloth.. some are in that massive search above actually…

so that is going to be starting point in this gazebo decorating-ness. plus i like that it doesn’t have any florals involved. so many of the cloth/organza/tulle ideas involve flowers at key mid-points. i’m picturing at least two different colors and the ties being a little higher, so it doesn’t obstruct any guests view , though i think it will be unlikely that any one other than the pastor will be inside the gazebo anyway.


January 21, 2011

*PANIC* (at the disco)

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i was super excited to send out our Save the Dates (goooooo STDs!) exactly on the 6 months to go mark… so excited that i sent them out without any precautions against weird computer issues. (we’d decided that in order to save money in the postage area, we can send them out electronically to our friends and family)

i made two mistakes:

a) forgot to attach a pdf version just in case the embedded version didn’t show up

b) assumed everyone would figure out our new joint email

oh there’s a third mistake in there… there’s no picture of us on our std cuz we haven’t had time to do our engagement session yet, so no way to identify us!

so here i am, midweek wondering why i haven’t been getting emails back with everyone’s addresses and it turns out after talking to my awesome bridesmaid TM, she was never able to even SEE it on her computer! and on top of that an old childhood friend didn’t recognize our new email… *face palm*

suddenly everything is clear! no wonder people haven’t been responding.. to remedy this situation.. i’ve gone and sent a OOPS email, complete with an attachment and both our full names.. just in case!

January 19, 2011

continuing with cake toppers

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ok so we all know cake toppers can be cheeserific.. lately ppl have been moving away from the “standard” people, like these:

or if you want to be quasi-standard.. sorry i couldn’t help this one.. it’s cinderella! whoa.. at $150 a pop.. nothankyou!

to personalized ones, or bobble heads, or grooms being dragged by the bride… etc etc etc.. a vast number of people options.. there are even animal ones..

so in my search for something cute, doesn’t necessarily have to be personalized to the max.. i’ve drilled down to two extra broad categories. a set of people or a monogram.

now, what inspired me to post yesterday’s cute people (as promised) was none other than this diy post from weddingbee which so very conveniently provides an instructional word document.. complete with pictures!!

so what to do.. what to do.. a monogram is easy.. i’m not going to bling it out, so i can just quickly pick one up in pretty much any store (heck, over christmas i even thought about buying an “H” ornament and cutting off the little loop that let’s you hang it on the tree) suffice it to say, that was vetoed.

on the other hand.. i’m itching to do something creative and since i’m pretty limited in time, talent and overall plausibility…  this feels *potenially* easy!

also, i’d rather not spend the money for something i feel like i could do. come on!! how hard can it be to paint some wooden people?? (***Dear God, please don’t let me eat my words…***)

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